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"Serralde is such a talented artist. This album is wonderful. So if you like Serralde's music please be supportive! We have an amazing Mexican artist waiting for our support."

- Amazon Music -


People around Serralde describe him as passionate, energetic, intense and with a very musical soul. The talented Serralde singer/song writer engraves in his most recent production called "SERRALDE" his melodic and musically surprising songs with personal lyrics and a blend of rock guitars, latin beats and acoustic sounds. The album SERRALDE shines with the superb production of the internationally recognized guitar player from Mana Sergio Vallin, bringing out the best of Serralde and leaving intact the spirit of what Serralde really is, spending endless hours in the studio to create a new sound to an edge to it, "My music says Serralde is honest, is real, is music that comes from my heart and soul."


Serralde being born in Mexico City in a family with twin sisters and a dedicated mother playing the role of both mother and father, showed love for music at a very early age, writing his first song at age 8 and continued to develop that ability throughout the years. Viktor Serralde, who decided to go with his last name only is a blend of raw talent, brains and charisma that rarely come along in any field.

Serralde living in Hollywood now, moved to Los Angeles California since 1996, he quickly started working in his music carrier to achieve his dream, forming different bands and working with different people, Serralde met producer Jose Quintana whos worked with so many different artist in his carrier, artist like Luis Miguel, Sting, Juan Gabriel, among others and who encouraged Serralde to keep recording, writing and singing by taking him in the studio to record songs as Demos.

In 1999 Serralde gets signed by Hollywood Records an American record label that belonged to Disney and released his first album in the spring of 2001 called "No hay na' mejor", where his first single "No hay na major" reached the top ten in Billboard being played in numerous radio stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico which were the only two countries where the album was released, the second single called "La Reina del Lugar" did very well also participating in a Movie Soundtrack called "Crazy Beautiful" receiving this song excellent reviews among the media and press of the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Serralde is living, touching, breathing and feeling contradiction, I was born in Mexico City and I love the richness in my country's culture and music, but I listened to other things also like: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Erick Clapton, Stone Temple Pilots, Aerosmith, U2, The Cure, Lenny Kravitz, The Police, and also very important latino musicians like: Victor Jara, Pablo Milanes, Juan Manuel Serrat, Mercedes Sosa, Santana, etc and thats why my music has a fusion of different sounds.


Serralde's passion for music, his success with his first production and the national tv and radio exposure due to the national promotion in the main stream media all over the US and Puerto Rico among other characteristics, gave him the amazing opportunity to be the host/producer of a Radio Morning Show called "La Regadera" in Los Angeles, the market #1 in the United States for entertainment. This amazing opportunity came to him right after Serralde finished the promotional tour with his first album. The radio station was very interested in bringing him as a radio personality to give the morning show a very different twist capitalizing on Serralde's charisma, creativity and magnetic personality, the conjunction of all these condiments created one of the most successful radio morning show in te history of radio in the USA. After months of hard work, discipline, ingenuity and incredible out of the box ideas, creative segments and bits, "La Regadera" became to be the #1 radio show in the Los Angeles General Market Regardless of Language competing against big radio figures like: Ryan Secrets, Big Boy, Kevin and Bean, Mark and Bryan, El Piolín, El Cucuy De La Mañana among others. The unprecedented success made "La Regadera" a national syndicated radio show, that became the Top 3 Radio Morning Show in the General Market regardless of Language.



Serralde's popularity and hard work in radio, gave him the opportunity to become a TV personality as well and for years while doing his Radio Show, he also collaborated with the biggest and more powerful Spanish network in the country called Univision. This explosive collaboration gave Serralde a wide opportunity to create and develop ideas, campaigns and segments that made him an EMMY Award Winner.

While the radio show and the TV success continued to happen, Serralde kept writing and producing songs for his second studio album, which this time would be produced by one of the most successful musicians in the world, Sergio Vallín the guitar player of Maná. Serralde and Sergio connected and started working on the second music production in the beautiful Aguascalientes, Mexico which is where Sergio is originally from and in Los Angeles, CA which is were Serralde resides. The combination of Serralde's raw talent and the finesse in Sergio's musicianship formed a universe of edgy creativity that made this production characteristics that are very difficult to duplicate.  

In the songs that make Serralde's second album called "SERRALDE" you will notice the kind of breakthrough work and incredible talent that will turn the Rock/Pop world on its head, from the first single "Vida de mi vida" with an accordion that reminds us of his roots, to the rock and electric sound of Regresa Ya, to the beautiful melody of an acoustic ballad of "Ahy que mal", to the tango inflected "Hoy" with lyrical innovations, to the richness of melodies and sounds of "Dios Salvanos" written in English by Serralde when he named it "God save us all" inspired in all the sadness and the times of war our world is going through right now.

This album called "Serralde" reached the number 1 spot in sales through out the whole country and Puerto Rico the week first week of its release, coming on top of so many artist that he already respected...


Now Serralde is getting ready to create something new, fresh, with an edge that can penetrate the Latin market like no one has ever done it before... His talent and hunger for success will rock your whole world.

Serralde will be noticed as one of the best singer/songwriters in our time.

"I am enjoying life more than ever, I love life and I love what I am doing, I try to represent my self in my songs and I love it when people in general relate to them I believe in being honest to your self and others, in showing respect to yourself and others also, in having integrity as a soul, as a man, as a musician..."

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