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Esta rola “La Reina Del Lugar” que fuera parte de la película “Crazy Brautiful” con Kirsten Dunst, fué el segundo sencillo de mi primer disco llamado “No Hay Na’Mejor”.

Esta rola tuvo tocadas en radio por todo Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico.

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Álbum: “No Hay Na’ Mejor”

Artist: Serralde

Music & Lyrics: Serralde

Produced by: Jose Quintana

Guitars: Sergio Vallín (guitarrista de Maná)

Percussion: Luis Conte (Madonna, Ricky Martin, Maná)

Drums: Ramy Antuon (Seal)

Label: Hollywood Records



This is Serralde ' second music production, produced by Sergio Vallínguitar player f the legendary and iconic band Maná. 

The music and lyrics of all the songs in this album where written by Serralde.


This music production was #1 in sales the day of its release in the United States and Puerto Rico, selling out completely the copies available in record stores throughout these two countries.


To celebrate the release of his second album Serralde performed acoustic shows for his fans, at each one of his two in-stores, one held at a Tower Records Hollywood where there were more than 5000 people waiting to meet Serralde and to see him perform live with his band and with more than 3,500 fans at the second in-store ready to sing with Serralde.


This album gave Serralde the opportunity to tour and have concerts in the most important Latino cities all over the US.



This is Serralde's first music production, produced by Jose Quintana who is considered the precursor of Latin music in the US and who produced many artists like Maná, Luis Miguel, Ricky Martin, Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez among many others.


Serralde wrote the music and lyrics of each one of the songs included in this album.


The fist single called "No Hay Na' Mejor" was in the the Top 10 songs in Radio Airplay in the US latin pop stations for Billboard.


The second single called "La Reina del Lugar" was in the soundtrack for the movie "Crazy Beautiful" with Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez.


The musicians involved in Serralde's first music production where:

Sergio Vallin - Guitar player of Maná

Kiko Cibrian - Guitar player and musical director for Luis Miguel

Luis Conte - Percussion player for Madonna, Maná, etc

Ramy Auntuan - Drummer for Seal

José Quintana - Bass player for Maná and other projects



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